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AKMU Release 1st Mini Album + 2 MVs

Akdong Musician, or otherwise known as MY BBYS, have made a comeback with their first mini album, “SPRING,” which was released on May 3rd, and contains six tracks.

The first two of which are the title tracks, “RE-BYE” and “How People Move.”

The first music video is for “RE-BYE,” and it’s an ‘attempted’ murder mystery. No one dies, but there are shenanigans and bullets and dress up. It’s great.

And so is the song, but isn’t AKMU always?

The second video for “How People Move” is a topsy turvy toyland inspired music video. It’s super cute and the song is just as awesome.

I can’t even put it into words right now, so head over to Hi:Asia, where I’ve posted another, more informative-less-gushy review.

Watch the music videos below:

Like the songs? Buy the album on iTunes!

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Source: AKMU YouTube (1) (2)

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