The New Project: Highlight:Asia

Hey everybody! I’m here to tell you about Highlight:Asia. This site is a labor of love and appreciation of all things Asian entertainment from dramas to movies, music to anime, and conventions, of course!

This project was led by my good friend, Leigh, whom you guys have heard me talk about sparingly throughout my blog.

Leigh is actually LeighDarling, and co-hosts the show Hallyu And A Biscuit with our friend Molly, who is also a part of our team.

We were all involved in another project together, along with some of our other cohorts, and after leaving, saw a niche in the market that we thought we could fill so we came together to make Highlight:Asia into a place where media and entertainment from all of Asia was given attention.

We’ll be attending KCONNY together as our third live event coverage. We have content coming out from one of our editors that went to B.A.P.‘s “Live On Earth“tour in the US, as well as an editor who will be attending the SHINee fanmeet in Chicago!

Please don’t forget to ‘Like’, ‘Follow’ and share Highlight:Asia around. I’ll post the SNS below:






Thank you so much for reading this, please support our project, Highlight:Asia, bringing you the latest in Asian entertainment. Gossip free, for the fans, by the fans.

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