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FAKY, FEMM and Yup’In Collaborate For Mini Album ‘FAMM’IN’

Oh my lord, you have no idea how excited I was. Or perhaps you do, coolies.

FAKY, my favoritest J-Pop girl group, duo FEMM and soloist Yup’in have come together to form the project group FAMM’IN (a combination of their names), which is coincidentally the name of their first mini album that was released on the 26th.

Yesterday, the 27th, they released the music video, which features the girls in red and white, boasting fierce attitudes while lyrics popped on and off the screen.

I found it a bit robotic when it wasn’t a FAKY member singing, but that style belongs to the other artists, and I respect the diversity in the song.

The album features the title collaborative track, “circle,” along with one single per artist of already existing songs.

Watch the music video below:

Like the song? Well, the album is actually on US iTunes! Yay!




Source: avexnetwork

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