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KCONNY Artist Announcement + Ticket Prices Released

Okay, so FINALLY, with less than two weeks (12 days, to be specific) left before tickets for KCONNY actually go on sale, they have released the ticket pricing and a new artist!

Our artist is…

BTS. I’m not super excited, mostly because I saw them in LA, and I personally think it’s BS that we keep getting artists that have already performed at KCON, they’re just switching locations in the US.


But the ARMY in me is super excited 😀

LA received TWICE as their latest artist announcement.

Ticket prices are the same as last year, look at the graphic below for more details:

kcon ny stuff

I can’t wait for KCONNY!

If not, oh well, at least we have a two day con this year.

Tickets go on sale for NY on May 13th at 1 PM EST, for combo and Platinum tickets.

Single ticket sales will begin on the 16th.

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