Catching Up With K-Pop #5

Wow, what I’ve missed. People are making comebacks, planning comebacks, collaborations, I’ve missed so much, so I’ll put the ones I can see down here and link iTunes if it’s available.


It’s okay, I’m partial to the saxophone and semi-sung/spoken lines but the song overall is just okay.

This is from their 5th mini album, “Him,” which was released on April 10th.

NCT-UWithout You

This is a three member unit made up of Doyoung, Jaehyun and Taeil, which also involves member Kun in the Chinese version. This is the latest release from SM‘s newest boy band, who I shall dub, Male Korean Based Version AKB48.

The song overall is ho-hum and generic, but they do sound nice. I like the singers, but not the song.

TaewoonCopy Ma Lyrics (feat. Nafla)”

Pretty much the only reason this is here is because of Nafla, who’s verse did not suck and did not sound like he was trying too hard or trying to make controversy.

Apparently everyone’s arguing as to whether or not he said the *N* word. He said Naega (I, Me, Myself) a lot in the song and sometimes when he puts a certain inflection on the first vowel sounds, he does sound like he’s saying it, without actually saying it, if you catch my drift.

Personally, I can never remember his name, or names. All I know is that he used to be in Co-Ed School, SPEED, and that he’s Zico‘s brother.

…personally I think this song (save for Nafla, u innocent soul) sucks.

And here’s the thing: I’ve heard my Korean friends say the word when they rap. However: they grew up around black people, where, I assume, to a certain extent, they weren’t told they couldn’t say it and they don’t say it in a negative aspect (used more as of a ‘hey my brotha’ sort of deal), or necessarily to get attention, like some people.


It’s an okay song. I’m not too familiar with N-SONIC, but they don’t suck. It’s generic at worst. I like the drums tho.

MinttyAlready Go Lady

Mintty, formerly Mint of Tiny-G has released her solo debut. It’s not badass, but more playful K-Pop-Hip-Hop, and despite the weird Hangulization (or whatever you want to call it) of the title (Alrely Go Layly or some such equivalent), Mintty’s pronunciation is pretty spot on to the actual English lines.

I think I’ve covered what I wanted. Let’s hope I get back on track now that I’m all caught up here, anyway.


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