NCT U Releases ‘7th Sense’ MV

SM Entertainment‘s newest boy band NCT U released their debut or pre-debut, whatever they want to call it, video for “7th Sense.”

At first, I wasn’t too sure they could pull it off, what with SM’s ‘rappers’ not being the best for the most part. However, I was pleasantly surprised and loved the music video.

It features five of the members. I don’t know which ones though…okay, I thought Taeyong was in there but I wasn’t sure, but it IS  him, along with Mark, Jaehyun, Doyoung and Ten.

The single and music video were just released today, April 8th. As of right now, the music video is only available through Korean outlets Naver and the V app.

Watch the music video below:


Like the song? Buy the single on iTunes!

Like NCT U?





Source: SMTOWN Naver TVCast

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