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Worldwide Wednesday: Everlasting Love

I have been obsessed with this song forever. And by forever a few months ago I heard it, remembered that I had heard it forever ago and loved it, forgot it, heard it again, and took down the lyrics so I could finally remember it.

This song originally was recorded in Nashville by Robert Knight. The aim of the producers, Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden aimed to record a Motown style single for Knight.

This song was supposed to have an especially referential feeling to the Four Tops and The Temptations.

The song was originally supposed to be a B-side single for “The Weeper” in 1967.

However, the song was released as an A-side single that year and charted at #13.

All in all, the song has charted three times on the Top 40 in the US, most famously by Carl Carlton in 1974 at #6. The following two were not as successful; Rex Smith and Rachel Sweet released it as a duet in 1981, reaching #32 while Gloria Estefan released in 1995, reaching #27.

I will be showcasing Carl Carlton’s version because it’s my favorite, as well as Gloria Estefan.

Why? Because I love Gloria Estefan and there’s a bunch of drag queens in her video (she was super pregnant and couldn’t do it). One of the drag queens was actually a recent contestant on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and won.

That’s not the point tho, the point is the song rocks my socks so take a listen and look at the videos below:

Carl Carlton

Gloria Estefan

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