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C-ute Release ‘Why Do People Fight?’ MV

C-ute are making a comeback in what seems like forever with “Why Do People Fight? (何故 人は争うんだろう?),” which is an upbeat do-wop-y number.

The girls are all beautiful in their slinky, glittering silver dresses with a more mature single.

I kinda miss cutesy C-ute, but this song sounds beautiful too. I was a little worried that it was going to be a ballad, but I was not disappointed.

Watch the music video here:

This is from their latest single, “何故 人は争うんだろう?/ Summer Wind/人生はSTEP! ,” which, you guessed it, contains three tracks plus their instrumentals; “何故 人は争うんだろう?,” “Summer Wind,” and “人生はSTEP!

The single will be released on April 20th!

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Source: C-ute YouTube

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