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Friday Flicks: Wandering Son

To be quite honest, I was rather at a loss today when trying to figure out what to post.

So I went on Crunchyroll and went through their Slice of Life anime section, and stumbled upon, “Wandering Son.” I wasn’t even looking at content, to be honest, I just liked the way the animation looked.

This anime is based on the series by Takako Shimura, which was originally serialized in 2002 in the magazine, “Comic Beam” until 2013. It was also published into 15 volumes.

The anime is 12-episodes, and produced by AIC Classic; directed by Ei Aoki. It aired in Japan between January and March 2011. Eleven episodes of the show aired on TV while episodes 10 and 11 were edited together into a single episode, were released individually on their respective BD/DVD volumes.

Title: Wandering Son (放浪息子)

Year: 2011

Country of Origin: Japan

Synopsis: Shuichi Nitori is a boy who wants to be a girl and Yoshino Takatsuki is a girl who wants to be a boy. They meet in grammar school and learn one another’s secrets. They become able to confide in each other as they grow up.

This author is primarily known in Japan for her works about LGBTQ topics. Which I find nice, because even the gay/questioning/trans kids can relate with anime characters, hers specifically.

This is not the first of Takako Shimura’s works to be turned into an anime, the other was “Aoi Hana” in 2009.

Watch a preview of the show here.

Watch the show on Crunchyroll!

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