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J-Indie Picks 3.29.16

So, I had a really nice thing going and my computer decided to be THE ULTIMATE DOUCHE BAG and shut off (wasn’t even dead, I think I have a battery problem) and I lost my other draft.

Oh my God I’m so fucking pissed.

So I’m just going to list the videos and the website links. Special thanks to Sparkplugged for inspiring this week’s playlist.

Let’s get started!

SekiraraMerry-go Round


Crossfaith x SkindredWildfire


Salty DogChase New Days


Flumpool “Kaihouku”


And last but not least, Hello Sleepwalkers.

They released two music videos, but I’ll only be showing one, you can check the other one out here.

Hello Sleepwalkers “Shinwa Hokai


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