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Red Velvet ‘One of These Nights’ MV + ‘The Velvet’ 2nd Mini Album Review

Yay! I’ve been falling in love with Red Velvet more and more, and I’m so excited that they’re making a comeback with their 2nd mini album, “The Velvet.”

However, I do not like their title single, “One of These Nights.” Maybe it’s my migraine talking, but that song was talking forever. I didn’t even make it two minutes in it’s so damn fucking slow.

It didn’t sound awful, on the contrary, it was rather lovely. I’m just not super into ballads.

Watch the music video here:

Mini Album Review:

  1. One of These Nights: See above. Not a fan.
  2. Cool Hot Sweet Love: Fucking amazing. Ten steps up from the last song, personally. I love the R&B vibe.
  3. Light Me Up: Here’s another great song. Not as fast as the previous song, but faster than the first and I LOVE it.
  4. First Time: It’s another ballad. Not excited. Kinda boring, actually. I’m not quite sure I could ever be a fan of Red Velvet’s ballads, but, we’ll see.
  5. Rose Scent Breeze: Nope. Another slow af ballad. Sorry Red Velvet.
  6. One of These Nights (De-Capo Version): Not much better. Just a change in instrumental, and not by much.
  7. One of These Nights (Joe Millionaire Version): Another instrumental change. While I personally think this is the best version, I’m still not a fan of the song.
  8. One of These Nights (Piano Version): song is accompanied solely by a piano instrumental. Nope. Sounds even slower.

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Source: SMTOWN YouTube

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