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Throwback Thursday: I Was The Captain

Aw man, I missed it. I was on such a roll too! So yesterday was my first day of observation and it was c r a z y ~. Afterwards, I overate because I didn’t eat anything really for lunch because I underestimated how hungry I would get once I got home.

Which did not do good things for my tummy. Which is why I went to bed early last night.

Anywho, Today was a lot better and I brought a lunch. So now we’re good and ready to go to get caught up!

Jinu debuted as a soloist in Korea in 1994 with “I Was The Captain.” This single is what prompted Papa YG to scout him for a group that was originally supposed to have three members (but one guy dropped out a while before debut) but ended up debuting with two. The other man had been a Seotaiji and Boys backup dancer who YG had known quite well, named Sean.

And thus, Jinusean debuted in 1997 with “Gasoline.”

But let’s talk about “I Was The Captain.”  It was from his 1994 debut album, “김진우 Vol.1,” and I might be wrong, but I swear that’s Tracy Williams, from the D.O. song, “Player’s Anthem.”

Don’t quote me, I have yet to find a solid source on it. Because EVEN IN KOREAN, I cannot find anything as of yet.

Watch the music video here:

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