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I’m Going…To KCON NY!

I’ve been considering it for awhile now, about a month actually. My friend Leigh specifically asked if I would accompany her and some of our other friends, and after debating for a LOOOONG time, I said yes!

I will be staying with my friend Leigh in her home state until we head up to New Jersey for KCON. Because KCON NJ doesn’t have the same ring to it as KCON NY. But it’s 30 minutes away from NY which is why it’s called KCON NY. According to my friend Leigh.

I’m super excited because Leigh and I have been friends for a couple of years now and I can’t wait to finally meet her and our other friends in person!

I don’t know the lineup yet, but I’ve already scheduled my flight, seeing as how my trip is in T-minus 14 weeks! Which is like, three months. Not mathematically correct, I’m sure but y’all know math and I don’t get along.

Anywhoodle-doodle-poodle, for those of you looking for KCON updates, I’ll be on my trip for about a week, and there is a very SLIGHT possibility of going to LA as well, but NY is my priority.

What adventures are in store for our little group? Who knows! Stick around for more updates on KCON NY!

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