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Catching Up With K-Pop #4

So I’ve been out of the K-Pop, much less the Asian Pop loop with school and work, not to mention KCON PLANNING!!!

Anywho, I’m going to list some videos, link you if you can get them or not (click on the title of the song), and possibly say whether or not I like them. I got a lot to cover, a lot to do and not a lot of time.




JessiExcessive Love

At first I was skeptical, but this song is THE BOMB! She has not lost any of her vocal finesse.

Lee HiBreathe

The song is very emotional, and quite beautiful. However, she still hasn’t mastered emoting whilst singing.

Lee Hi “Hold My Hand

Or perhaps my immediate former sentiment was wrong, because she seems to emote fine now. In fact she’s super adorable and smiley.

I adore the real life people integrated into the 16 bit universe, it’s so retro and wonderful.

Both songs are from “Seoulite,” her 3rd half album.


I didn’t see it when it first came out and I just recently listened to “Pricked.”

It’s classic WINNER: weird ass MV, good song, but why is Mino wearing a weave?

WINNER “Baby Baby

This one features everyone as sad alcoholics, except Mino. He gets laid.

WINNER “I’m Young” (Taehyung Solo)

This seems to be a continuance from “Baby Baby,” and Taehyung, when he left at the last music video, went to France to find his ex, whom he separated from when he became a jackass alcoholic and ruined his relationship.

Some R. Kelly shit happens, and we find out the girlfriend has moved on.

All the songs are available on their mini album, “EXIT.”

Heyne오빠 맘마 Mamma (feat. 철구)”

I haven’t heard much from her since her debut, but this is a really cute song, even if I personally thing that the music video is underdone.

Jimin야 하고 싶어(feat.XIUMIN of EXO)”

I cannot. This song is cute. Too cute. I can’t stan another girl group. I HAVE TOO MANY EXO BIASES, XIUMIN NEEDS TO LEAVE!!!!

Eric Nam x Wendy of Red VelvetSpring Love

Cute, retro aesthetic, and who can resist Eric? I can’t.

Yoon Mi RaeBecause of You

Oddly enough, this is an SM Station release. But it’s great either way because YOON MI RAE is the bomb. Diggety.

It’s a making of video instead of a music video, but that doesn’t make this ballad any less special.

Brave GirlsDeepend

I have listened to this group maybe once beforehand. However, this song is really catchy. Great R&B melody, addictive beat,

I have found a bias. HyeRan, and her strong eyebrows. Get it gurl.

Shannon WilliamsLachrymal Gland (featuring 소희짱)”

I don’t know why she’s crying, but here, *shoves tissues in Shannon’s face /Ashley of Buzzfeed voice/ why u cri? No more cry.

This single was released in conjunction to Heyne’s in a joint single, “2getherProject.”

These are just a handful of the songs I’ve missed, but there’s more to cover and get to today! Buy the songs/album on iTunes! Watch the videos!


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