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Daichi Miura Releases ‘Cry & Fight’ MV

Daichi Miura has released his latest music video for the song, “Cry & Fight.”

I assume he means he’s going to make me cry and fight through my feelz because damn, I’m drowning in them.


This is his latest single, which will include two other songs, “Yes & No,” and “Forever & Always.” The choreo was done by Daichi and Shingo Okamoto.

There are two DVD versions of the release; one includes a live session of the music video with Seiho, and the music video while the other includes the music video for “Yes & No,” the choreo video for “Forever & Always” and the dance edit version of “Cry & Fight.”

The single will be released on March 30th!

Watch the music video here:

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Source: avex YouTube

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