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Random Music Monday: Mercury

First, let’s get this straight, just so there are no questions left unanswered:

Harisu was the first transgender woman to become famous in Korea. She is a model, singer and actress.

Lady was a K-Pop group with only transgender members in 2005-2007.

On another note, member Choi Han Bit is already a popular transgender model in Korea before the debut of Mercury yesterday with their single, “Don’t Stop.”

I’ve never heard of her though, so I don’t know which one she is. And I don’t care. Because what matters is that whether the group is talented or not.

Are these ladies talented? I don’t know, there’s too much auto-tune to tell. The song is catchy, but there’s a lot of auto-tune…and y’all know how I feel about that.

I hope their second single is better. Good luck, ladies!

Watch the music video here:

This is on their music producer’s official YouTube channel, OTHANQ.

Like the song? It’s available on iTunes! But so are other songs…from 2014 and 2010 by other…Korean artists by the name of Mercury…so confusing. I’ll look it up later.

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