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Cosmic Girls Debut With ‘MoMoMo’

Of course I’ve heard of Cosmic Girls, the new girl group from Starship Entertainment, home of Boyfriend and SISTAR; however, I’m not one for teasers.

I’m going to watch the music video for their debut single, “MoMoMo” now, as I haven’t seen it yet.

Okay, so I just saw it. The plot is a little confusing, I can’t tell if the astronaut kidnapped them or what. But 12 cute girls live on their own planet, an astronaut comes, they all fall for him…and the ending is what gets me.

The song is cute, but it’s nothing special, and they all wore the same white outfit, so on the first run through, I can’t really pick out a favorite.

Watch the music video here:

Like the song? The mini album, “What Would You Like?” Is available on iTunes, and “MoMoMo” has a Chinese version.

The second song, “Catch Me,” sounds…a little sexual at parts. Also, I misheard a lyric, and it sounds like she’s saying, “I’m on the trike, come on!

The other songs on the album are “Take My Breath,” “Tick Tock,” and “Space Cowgirl.” All the songs are moderately catchy.

Like Cosmic Girls?




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Source: StarshipTV YouTube

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