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Taemin Makes A Comeback With ‘Press It’

Taemin of SHINee has released his 2nd album, “Press It,” which is technically his first full album.

He released the performance video for the single, “Drip Drop” first, which takes place in a desert with Taemin in suspenders and is super awesome.

Today, he released the music video for “Press Your Number.” I haven’t watched it yet.

/5 Minutes Later…/

WELL…there were guns, robbing, crotch rubbing, more desert, FIRE, jacket throwing…just…so much…so much to take in in five minutes…and please SM stop with the blue eye contacts, your artists have beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, cocoa brown and forest-y hazel and misty grey (the last two are more in general in K-Pop) eyes that I adore and they don’t need to be whitewashed.

Watch the music videos below:

Like the songs? Buy the album on iTunes! I love the album, but I’m not too keen on the three ballads (“Already,” “Soldier,” “Hypnosis“).

Like Taemin (SHINee links)?







Source: SMTOWN YouTube (1), (2)

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