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Prince Mak Gives Candid Interview On SBS2 With Marc Fennel

Prince Mak of JJCC gave a very insightful interview on SBS2‘s The Feed with Marc Fennel on the price of K-Pop and how it impacted his life.

What the interview covers:

How Prince (Henry) Mak got to Korea in the first place

What it was like as a trainee (schedule, communication, exercise, etc)

How the Korean standard of beauty impacted him personally

K-Pop industry

Henry Mak had a job, house and car, but decided to ‘run away’ from home to be a K-Pop idol. However, it wasn’t exactly what he imagined, and in fact, was more than he bargained for.

This interview is a good start for anyone contemplating the idol life, or just wanting an inside look.

Watch the interview here:



Source: SBS2 Australia Facebook