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NU’EST Escapes Japan and Returns With ‘Overcome’

NU’EST have finally returned from their promotions in Japan and released a Korean single, “Overcome” from their 4th mini album, “Q is.”

I got confused with Ren and the actress, Kyung Won at first. Soon, Ren shall rise and become NU’EST’s leading lady. I mean, his hair is getting long enough.

And don’t you dare tell me he’s not pretty, I don’t believe you.

Anywaaaaayyy…The song is really great. I have no idea what’s going on in the music video, but I enjoyed it. I’d love to see a choreo version or dance practice.

Watch the music video below:

Like the song? Buy the album on iTunes! AAAAAYYYY, their Japanese album, “Bridge The World” is also on US iTunes! /squeals/

Like NU’EST?









Source: NU’EST YouTube

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