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I Ain’t Got Love For 4Minute’s ‘Hate’

Well…it started out pretty good. This is 4Minute‘s lead single, “Hate You” from their latest album, “Act 7.”

I really liked the imagery, the beautiful contrast and the melancholy melody. There was this great buildup that I thought was going to lead to a powerful and moving chorus. But then…blaring trumpets and dubstep…and then it goes back to being awesome.

Here’s the thing: I don’t give a flying fuck if Skrillex took part in it. the cohesion sucks ass. This song is put together worse than SNSD‘s “I Got A Boy” and you cannot tell me otherwise.

While, seperately, I could probably handle a song with blaring trumpets and dubstep, together it just sounds super awkward and makes me not like it so much.

You can say it’s two sides of a girl expressing her broken heart all you want, but I still think the way the song was put together sucks ass.

But I love 4Minute, so I couldn’t very well ignore the release.

Watch the music video here:

Like the song? Buy the mini album on iTunes! To add to my seething review of “Hate You,” I would just like to add that all the other songs on the album rock. The other three songs are so fucking awesome.

My favorite song on the album has to be “No Love,” followed by “Canvas” and lasty, “Blind.” If you hate “Hate You,” you at least have three good songs to look forward to.

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Source: 4Minute YouTube

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