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GEM Release ‘Fine! 〜fly for the future〜 ‘ MV

GEM made a comeback a couple days ago with their latest music video for the single, “Fine! 〜fly for the future〜 .”

The album, “Girls Entertainment Mixture” will be released on March 23rd, containing old and new songs alike. This is technically their 5th single, but it will appear on a compilation CD with their other songs including if you get the Blue Ray version, the unreleased video for “Just, Call Me,” a song that is only performed during live stages.

The song is cute and catchy, and Maaya is super adorable, as always. It’s not as colorful as past music videos, but I love the metallic dresses.

Watch the music video for “Fine! 〜fly for the future〜” here:

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Source: avexnetwork YouTube

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