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Worldwide Wednesday: Formation

Beyonce recently released the music video for “Formation,” which, if you’re not familiar with US history, might not make sense as to why its so controversial.

In the past several years in the US police brutality towards African Americans/Black Americans has escalated. Obviously, many are outraged.

During her 2016 Super Bowl half-time performance, Beyonce performed this song while she and her back up dancers were in Black Panther attire.

This sparked controversy with many people, as the Black Panthers are seen as violent extremists during MLK‘s time when he himself was a peaceful, non-violent protester/advocate for Black rights.

According to Joseph Morris‘s review video, the man narrating the video is the late Messy Mya who was murdered in 2010.

The video features her daughter Blue Ivy playing with other children as Beyonce expresses her love for her daughter’s natural hair, and her own nose (she referred to it as a ‘Jackson nose,’ because the men of Jackson Five have a similar nasal structure. MJ had his nose changed because it reminded him of his father, whom he hated).

In another scene of the video you can see a Black child in a hoodie (a tribute to Trayvon Martin) up against a SWAT line and another shot of a wall that says, “Stop shooting us.”

Download the single exclusively on TIDAL.

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