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SS501 Sub-Unit Make A Comeback After 8 Years




Legit tears right now. My eyeliner is smudged and I feel hella foolish, but 8 years man. Well, 4 years for me since I first heard this group. BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

The point is I was made to have this album. If not for “Pain” (which is HELLA FUCKING AWESOME AND IS THE SONG THAT MADE ME CRY) then for the song…

wait for it…

Saxophone.” starring my bby, Hyung Jun. However, there are three other music videos. Each boy has their own video [Young Saeng, “21 GRAM,” Kyu JongDirty Love“), plus the making-of music video for “Pain,” which actually has an audio overlay of “바빠서 미안해.”

SS501‘s sub-unit SS301 have made a comeback under CI Entertainment, which is the company member Young Saeng is currently signed to.

The album will be released tomorrow at midnight KST. For now, enjoy ALL THE MUSIC VIDEOS here:


These tracks are from their 2nd mini album, “Eternal 5.” As mentioned above, it is set to be released tomorrow, February 16th at 12AM KST.


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Source: CI Ent. YouTube (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

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