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Worldwide Wednesday: Sade

Oh, Sade. There’s a particular reason I picked her this week. BECAUSE G.SOUL IS COVERING HER SINGLE, “Smooth Operator.”

And the best part was I was sitting there like, ‘if this isn’t a cover of Sade Imma be pissed.’ I don’t even know why, but I wanted it so badly to be that AND IT IS.

Listen to the teaser here:

It features San E and will  be released the 16th, but enough about him.

How about Sade~

I remember watching the ad for her album, “Soldier of Love” back in 2010 on TV.

The two songs I’m going to feature are, you guessed it, “Smooth Operator” from her 1984 album, “Diamond Life” and “Soldier of Love” from, well, “Soldier of Love” in 2010. It’s ma favorite song.

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