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Random Happiness: Late Night Ramblings

So I’m sitting here waiting for “Tales of Zestiria” to download and I have a lot of thoughts.

Like how awesome G.Soul‘s cover of Sade’s “Smooth Operator” is gonna be.

What’s my video game gonna be like? Will I want to throw my controller?

When will BoA make a comeback?

When will DFLA return for a new season?

When will KCON stuff be announced for the US? I still gotta decide where I’m going because even though Cali is like home away from home, my friend Leigh asked me to come to New York. And I’m really thinking about it.

Cali gets the better deal though. They did last year, at least. I kinda don’t wanna just cuz what if they get the same artists as last year for KCON in NY? I mean, I LOVED the concert last year, don’t get me wrong.

BUT WHAT IF BoA GOES THIS YEAR? Or something cool happens at LA that has no chance of happening in NY?

So many variables. Decisions decisions.

Also, does anyone else have problems picking back up a drama/book/video game after taking a break? You either binge an entire 6-13 hours or you go months without it, there’s no in between.

I’m terrible at that. I’m partially through at least three dramas right now and about five video games and just started a book like….a few weeks ago but I haven’t touched it since I initially took it off the shelf.

And I just started “Free!” I got so pissed because the only available episode in the first season without Prime on Crunchyroll is the first one so I had to go looking for more options. Found one, but I shall survive.

I like “Free!” it’s filling my “Cute! High Earth Defense Club” void. I can’t wait for “Attack on Titan” to return. I’m so excited and I really wanna see the second movie. I saw the first one and even though its not super accurate, it’s still pretty cool.

I’m tired. But I’m not ‘tired’ tired, I don’t wanna go to bed but I don’t wanna do a whole lot either, so I’ve decided to play my video game and see how that goes. Its almost done so I’ll stop now.

I know this post is weird. Let’s just roll with it, okay? Talk to you later.


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