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Random Happiness: Videogames!!!!

So I was on Facebook and my friend Nati said something about a $5 ‘Tales of’ game and I was like ‘$5 TALES OF GAMES? /is Tales trash/’

I guess from February 2nd to today at 12 PM (sorry guise) Bandai-Namco were having a huge sale on the PSN store.

SOOOOO I hurried my ass up and signed in, and bought “Tales of Zestiria” for $14.99. It would have been $24.99, but I had a $10.00 voucher from when PSN was giving them out for Christmas so I saved a ton of money and got a $49.99 game for $35 off.

Pretty sweet, huh? Not to mention ALL THE FREE DLC!!! I got a shit ton of it for ToZ, and while I was there I also downloaded as much free DLC for ToX and ToX2 because I have both games and why not?

It’s been awhile since that happened, and now I’m just waiting for my game to download. Uggggh. It’s only at 16%. This is the only downside to new games, the download time.

So I’ve read some reviews (HAVE been, anyway before and after release) on the game and I’m still as excited for ToZ as much as I was when they were teasing it.

I’m really excited for the fusion in battle and open world. I haven’t watched any gameplay on it or anything, just read some stuff. I hear that the intro is pretty awesome and the best setup in the Tales of franchise though.

I personally love ToX not even necessarily because of the plot. I also love the artwork. Like the university. That scenery was BEAUTIFUL and it’s one of the things I love when it comes to games. I love breathtaking scenery. It’s part of the reason I love FF so much is because the attention to detail in background artwork.

Sure, dungeons can get spotty, but I’m usually more interested in artwork in the cutscenes. I do love how lively and big the towns/cities can get though, the amount of people you can talk to, even if it’s just stupid small talk just makes exploring that much more fun (17% now).

I also love how in the Tales of games there’s the skits that give you small funny scenes and snippets to let you get to know the characters more.

Let’s not forget that Tales (at least in ToX) has dirty jokes. A+. And they’re not vulgar, it’s just something I haven’t really seen in RPGs. And while we’re on jokes, the amount of them breaking the 4th wall is awesome and hilarious.

Let’s talk about DLC. DLC is something I’m for the most part entirely new to. Until I got my first PS3, I didn’t even know you could buy extra content. ToX is when I first downloaded stuff and it was just the costume pack that came with the collector’s edition.

I just spent a good chunk of time downloading DLC for all my current PS3 Tales of games, with no shame. I mean, also it was free, how could I not?

I would also like to take a moment to talk about the weird shit you can put on your characters, through purchasing/downloading DLC or earning it through in-game achievements.

I have a pair of sunglasses stuck on Jude, as well as everyone having a stuffed toy on their arm and Elize in bunny ears/Milla in elf ears…it was funny for a while, but I can’t figure out how to get them off…

>.< /send help/

Sorry for the random all over the place rant, I’m just really excited and a lone Tales of fan where I’m from. UGGGGH SO EXCITED (now 18%)

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