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Random Music Monday: S_ame

I used the Twitter handle for this band because I just really didn’t feel like spelling the band’s name out more than necessary.

These guys debuted literally today. Their twitter is only as of right now 22 hours old.

The group, Shinotsukuame (篠突) released their music video for their debut single, “輝夜-kaguya-” earlier today. I saw the video on my feed, and thought, ‘A dude in a bright dress…I HAVE to see this.”

And I was not disappointed. The classical Japanese instrumental mixed with the band’s modern sound is awesome. Super fantastic.

I cannot think of anything not cheesy to say about how much I love this song.

And how much the lead singer’s makeup is on point. Who does your contour? You are gorgeous.

Watch the music video here:

The single will be released on March 23rd!

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