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Random Music Monday: Crown J

I stayed up too late I have to work tomorrow but I want you to know that this guy exists and he sounds pretty awesome.

Crown J is from Atlanta and carries the Atlanta style of rap, so expect American rap when you listen to his stuff.

I’m not used to American rap anymore, but it sounds good and I love the beat. The music video’s cast is extremely diverse, so thumbs up to that.

He actually produced this song, “Made It” with his best friend…who is 12 years old. Yeah. You read that right. 12. 1-2. A child. Pretty smart kid.

Watch the music video here:

He’s been around since 2006 but gained popularity thanks to WGM in 2008. Not that I’ve seen that. My friend looked him up earlier that’s the only reason I know.

Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!






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