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It’s a ‘Rough’ Love For G-Friend

Well, not quite. More like a crush. They’re confessing…or, at least failing at it to their crushes in their latest title single, “Rough” for their 3rd mini album, “Snowflake.”

Once again, MY ANGELS G-Friend are young and in love school girls, dancing around a schoolyard and in what I assume is a classroom.

The song’s style is similar to “Me Gustas Tu” and “Glass Bead,” but I feel its somewhat less powerful.

That doesn’t, however, mean I enjoy it any less.

AND OH HEY~ We have a fandom name now ^_^ Buddy!

Watch the music video here:

Like the song? Buy the mini album on iTunes! Personally, my favorite songs rank: “Rough,” “Luv Star,” “Someday,” “Say My Name,” and “Trust.”

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Source: G-Friend YouTube

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