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G-Friend to Release 3rd Mini Album

So, after I came home from work, when I didn’t need to go in the first place (stupid ever changing schedule), I found out that G-Friend is preparing to release a new mini album!

They are currently in the midst of releasing teasers for the mini album, “Snowflake.” This will be their 3rd mini album and their first comeback of the new year!

View the group’s individual and group teasers below:

group teaser batch 1 teaser batch 3 teaser batch 2

No date has been set yet, but the main photo on their Daum Fan Cafe says “3rd Mini Album Snowflake Coming Soon,” so I’m pretty pumped.

Yeah, I know I don’t do teasers often, but it’s G-Friend, MY BBYS!!!!!




Source: G-Friend official Facebook (1) (2) (3),

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