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Throwback Thursday: Maxfli

Now, I stumbled upon the group Maxfli from another video, but this song is so catchy I thought I’d look into the group.

Which was a little less than fruitful. They’re not even on Wiki yet. This group looks like they debuted in 2001 with “Stars In The Sky,” and there’s three members.

A female vocalist, a rapper, and a male…sub-vocalist. He didn’t seem to do much in the video besides sing one line that I heard and act as a backup dancer. The rapper was the leading male actor while the female was the star of the music video.

I’m just going to link the second video for their song, “Love Songhere, because it’s just a fanmade video. The description on Google says the song is from 2005, but there’s nothing listed on the actual video page.

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