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K-Indie Picks: 1.12.16

Today I shall feature…stuff. I’m a little tired. UNI studies + errands + chores and such.

However, today I’m just embedding videos. It’s still early, but I feel exhausted. Sorry for my laziness. I’ll add iTunes links if they’re available though.

LAZMODParallel Lines” (feat. Na Hyun)

Introduced to me by my friend Leigh. This is from their debut album of the same name, released January 11th, 2016…so yesterday.

MC SniperFeel Like Yesterday” (feat. SongRapper and Bido Seungyu [비도승우])

Sorry, I haven’t seen the second featured artist’s name in English so I’m going by what I read in Hangul.

It’s super upbeat, which I’m not used to from MC Sniper, but it DOES sound great. And I’m always a sucker for him or SongRapper anyway.

Young LionThe One

I don’t know, the beat is interesting and the video screenshot just captured my interest.

It’s okay. This is from his latest mini album, “Life Changes,” which was released today.


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