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Random Music Monday: J.Counter

I found this guy as I was doing something for the other site, and I just loved his stuff. There’s not much that I could find on iTunes, but what I DID find was amazing.

The song I originally looked at was J.Counter‘s “All My Life (feat. Stringer).” The B-side track to that single, “Ola (feat. Sapo)” was just as amazing.

the second single I found was by MORELLO, an up and coming producer and it featured both J.Counter and Stringer called, “Ma Bae ” and it was just as catchy, but more upbeat.

“All My Life” was released just today actually, and “Ma Bae” was actually released last year in May.

Watch the music video for “All My Life” and the live studio video of “Ma Bae” here:

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