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My Favorite Show Luo Music Videos From ‘Reality Show’

Show Luo came out with a new album around November last year, and while I listened to a couple tracks I wasn’t super into it so I forgot it.

Until now. There are five songs that received music videos, “I Lost Myself,” “Best Friend,” “Together In Love (With Bae Suzy of miss A),” “Come Back Baby,” and “Let Go.”

“Let Go” and “Together In Love” are my favorite songs out of the five, so I’ll feature those.

So I linked the official music video of “Let Go” but I’m showcasing the dance version because the dance is awesome and the plot is confusing.

This…WAS SO FUCKING CUTE! I didn’t think I would like it at first because I’m not Suzy biased, but it totally worked out! The song AND the music video are so precious!!!!

Like these songs? The album, however, is only available on Taiwanese iTunes.

Like Show Luo?








Source: Show Luo Official YouTube (1), (2)

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