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Hello World: An Introduction…or Re-Introduction For 2016

As 2016 gets underway, I thought along with taking steps to better myself physically and educationally, I would also better my blog as well.

So I decided to take the step and work harder for you, my readers this year.

So hello again, to old faces. Hello, new faces. My name is Karen, and I own and run MsThugBear.com.

It’s an odd name considering its content. I write about Asian pop, Korean and Japanese more so than other countries, but since it’s not just the two or one or the other, I couldn’t decide on a name that fit. So I used one of my own.

I first started this blog in 2012 as an outlet for my love of K-Pop, but I figured, it’s my blog, I’ll also post whatever I want.

It was rants, here and there. Awhile later I figured out HTML and started embedding videos. That’s how I started updating and reviewing stuff.

There’s an odd article about makeup or something else that’s happening in my life here and there, but mostly album/music video articles.

I’m not very news-y. I can’t stand my ‘outside’ persona on my own space.

I’m professional a lot. On the other site I write and edit for, in my every day work.

But I’m a snarky, shy girl with a dirty sense of humor and love of puns. Not all my jokes come out right and I’m late a lot, which sucks because I hate being late and disappointing people.

I’ve evolved from the girl who hid behind her computer to share her love to the woman who will blatantly dance around to K-Pop in my pajamas when my roommate comes in the kitchen while I’m making coffee and jjigae (Korean for ‘stew’). NANANANANANANA NANANANANANA (You might get that later on).

I didn’t think that a small hobby like K-Pop or J-Pop would take over my life the way it has, but look at me now. My life revolves around the latest release and returning to KCON.

If you’d like to know more, take a look around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because I’m no longer afraid to answer them.

It’s a new year, but it’s the same me. I’m just trying to grow and expand as I see comfortable, and fit.


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