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My Top 15 Favorite K-Pop Songs of 2015

This is taken from song play count on my ipod, from least to most played.

I couldn’t decide just by looking at a list so yeah, this is what it comes to. I also held a rule that every artist only appears once.

15. So Ji Sub So Ganzi“[WHITE]

Nevermind my endless rants about this man in dramas throughout the year. I found this song through a friend of mine and I wholly blame her and my friend Leigh for my thirst for Mr. So.

14. G-Friend “Glass Bead

I’m pretty sure the reason the count is so low was because it took FOREVER for the CD to come and then I had to remember to put it on there.

But it IS my favorite song from their debut album, followed by “Neverland.”

13. Jun JinWowowow

I can’t even with this man. Not after KCON. Buuut the song IS pretty bomb ass and it DOES feature the love of my Shinhwa loving life, Eric.

12. Outsider x Twista “Star Warz

This collab was HELLA exciting. I love the song, despite the fact that it wasn’t as fast as I expected.

Yes, I expected it to be super fast, and more of a battle than a collab.

11. SISTARShake It

SISTAR have been releasing some pretty great songs lately, and this is just one I happened to love.

10. Oh My GirlCloser

I don’t even know how. It’s a really good song though, and the plot is super confusing.

Which is probably why I partially prefer the dance version.

9. JinuseanTell Me One More Time [feat. Jang Hana]’

THIS SONG, I SWEAR. I’ve waited so long for them, but other fans, fans that have been in K-Pop longer than myself, wooow. We really waited, didn’t we?

It had been 11 years before Jinusean made this comeback, and they did NOT disappoint. Even if this is their last comeback, I’ll be happy because I got to witness it.

8. AileeInsane

At first I preferred “Mind Your Own Business,” but “Insane” pulled me in and it became my favorite song off Ailee’s first album, “VIVID.”

7. XIA F.L.P

I fucking love this song. It’s actually above “Flower” in how much I love this song.

6. JessiSseneunni

As far as rapping goes, I don’t really like Jessi that much. However, I LOVE this song. And that’s all I really have to say about it, honestly.

5. JYJBack Seat

Do I even need a reason to love these boys anymore? This was their last album before they started heading off to the military, and this was their title single.

Extremely sexy, pretty sure I lost my mind when it first came out. The song and video are AWESOME!

4. MFBTYBang Diggy Bang Bang

This song was a ride from start to finish. There is no chill, absolutely NO CHILL in this song. And that’s just the way I like it.

Werk it, Moofbooty.

3. BIGBANGBang Bang Bang

The count seems accurate for this one. This was MA JAM. And it’s like, my favorite out of all their singles released this year. So yeah

2. BoAKiss My Lips

Obviously there would be no way that my queen, BoA would be omitted from this list. And for the title single, too.


EXID Ah Yeah

      I actually found that the fact that I’ve listened to this song more than any BoA song astounding, but hey, this song is bomb ass so I can’t disagree on how awesome my ipod/iTunes says I find it.

So that’s it everybody! Have a happy new year (as of a few seconds ago) and look forward to my other 2015 recaps tomorrow!

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