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Favorite Female K-Pop Rookies of 2015

It is once again, time to tally up the votes (‘the’ votes being MY votes) and decide who was the favorite of the new crop of K-Pop.

Female rookie edition.

This list is in no particular order (except for the last group and/or artist on the list)

OMG (Oh My Girl)

Oh My Girl is under WM Entertainment and debuted with their mini album’s title single, “Cupid” in April.

They’ve since come back once with “Closer,” their 2nd mini album in October.


UNICORN is from Show Brothers Entertainment and are produced by veteran R&B Korean artist Kim Jo-Han.

Their first mini album, “Once Upon A Time” was released on September 3rd with “Huk (Hug)” as their lead single.

Rubber Soul

These girls hail from Happy Tribe Entertainment and debuted in February with their single, “Life” featuring Mad Clown.

With a serious TLC vibe these girls shook up the ‘typical’ K-Pop girl group formula with their American-esque hip hop style.

Amber of f(x)

Amber is my favorite member of f(x) and pretty much the only reason I keep up with the group in the first place. So yeah, her solo debut has made it onto my list.

She debuted with her mini album, “Beautiful” in February with the title single, “Shake That Brass.”

It’s an uptempo pop-rap song that features…brass along with labelmate TaeYeon of SNSD, along with a music video filled with celebrity features such as Jackson of GOT7 and Brad of BuskerBusker.

Goo Hara of KARA

Goo Hara of KARA made a solo debut with “Choco Chip Cookie,” and I almost didn’t like it.

Almost. But it’s cute and sexy, and I just love the song.


Playback surprised me with their teaser and I fell in love with them instantly once I saw the music video for their namesake title single. They debuted under Clear Company in June.

It didn’t help that their next single, “I Wonder” was a collab with Eric Nam (A marshmallow that I ADORE) and it was the BOMB.


myB debuted under Maroo Entertainment with “My Oh My” in August.

They’re cute, blonde, and they recently came back with “DDODDO” in November. They sound pretty great, so I have a lot of hope for them.

And last but not least, is my favorite group of the year. If it weren’t for them, Playback would be #1. These girls stole my heart the moment that bell chimed.

Yes, it is GFriend.

GFriend debuted under Source Music and their debut mini album, “Glass Bead” was released in January. Their debut single, “Glass Bead” reminded me so much of SNSD‘s “Into The New World,” there was no way I could ignore them.

They also released a second mini album, “Flower Bud” this past July with their title single, “Me Gustas Tu (I Like You).”

And that’s how I sold my soul to GFriend.

And those were my favorite new female artists of 2015! Stick around for my favorite new male artists, coming up next.

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