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Friday Flicks: Neukkim Reaction

I’m a day late and I apologize. It’s the last Friday Flicks of the year, and I figured enough skipping out (even though I’m tired. I love u peoples) so let’s do this.

Also, before I forget, merry belated Christmas!

Chances are, this is my last K-Drama of the year. I’ve binged on a handful these past few months and there are some I plan on revisiting, others I have yet to decide on.

Anyway, I first started watching “Feelings,” aka “Neukkim,” in 2013. Yeah, and after a nearly two year hiatus, I figured since I did all the work of downloading them and everything, might as well figure out how it ends.

I was halfway through the series too, so it’s a good thing I remembered the majority of what happened. Other stuff was filled in from flashbacks and whatnot.

I’ve covered in more thoroughly (and rather professionally) over here, and I hate to leave it at that, but what more can I say?

That article also includes a link to an uploader on YouTube who posted the drama a while ago. However, there are no English subs there.

I can make the goose chase a little less of a hassle if you click here. But that’s it.

If you’re that curious, then get ready for some serious work.

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