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Throwback Thursday: My First K-Pop Videos: TVXQ

When I first got into K-Pop in 2011, as I’ve discussed in a previous TT: MFKV (very obvious abbreviation, I know I’m just lazy. Kind of. Typing right now is I mean, useless if I wanted to be lazy. Anyway, for future references, that’s the abbreviation for this segment.) for JYJ, I didn’t know they had been in the same group together.

Not until I started looking in the comments of “Ayyy Girl.”

Anyway, my first TVXQ songs (since I can’t remember which one I heard first) are “Before U Go” and “Keep Your Head Down.” This was their first comeback as a duo after the split, and they were reluctant because they didn’t think Cassies would love them anymore.

But they were wrong. Oh, so very wrong indeed. Watch the music videos here:

Like the songs? They were released in 2011. “Keep Your Head Down” was released first on their 5th album of the same name (January 2011), and then a few months later released “Before U Go,” the repackage (March 2011) of “Keep Your Head Down.”

Buy the album on iTunes!

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