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K-Indie Picks 12.22.15

I’d like to focus on coffee. Why? Because it’s the life-blood of adulthood.

Ask any college student/working adult or any adult-y person in general and they’ll tell you. Also because there are some nice indie songs focused around this holy beverage.


This is the band’s single from 2010, an upbeat acoustic diddy about their love of Americano, which is prepared by brewing espresso with added hot water, giving it a similar strength to, but different flavor from, drip coffee.


Humming Urban Stereo “One Cup of Coffee (feat. Yozoh)”

From “Coffee Prince” apparently, but I can’t find it on iTunes. I can find other stuff from this band though.

Last but not least is my favorite song about coffee, from none other than…


Urban ZakapaCafe Latte

Okay, so that’s it for K-Indie Picks. Sorry for being lazy with links, but I’ve got a headache I gotta go nurse.

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