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A New Step Towards A Life Goal [Life Update and What That Means For The Site]

Okay. So, a few days ago, I decided that it was time to take that big step, and head back to school.

I’m going to university now to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English and my ESL.

I just had a meeting with my counselor today and she said my transcript was pretty impressive. I was only missing three core classes and that with all my lingual experience (8+ years with Spanish) that I’d be extremely marketable, and that very few people came in with that kind of experience.

I took my best friend (well, more like talked her into coming with me since I was scared), and we both sat with the counselor for about half an hour. She had already come up with a schedule for the first semester and all I need to do is buy my books and I’m set.

I start school again in January. My heart is pounding pretty hard and my anxiety is getting to me right now, but this is a big step towards my goal of going to South Korea to be an English teacher.

I remember when I finally realized what I wanted to do, thanks to EYK, and if you click on the link, Simon has some pretty wise words:

Our point is this: coming to Korea and living here has really changed our perceptions of what’s normal and acceptable. Our fruits are far from our roots, but that doesn’t make them rotten. And I hope that, by being here and sharing our lives with people online, we can motivate others to try something different. There’s a world of possibilities out there. So many places. So many options. So many lifestyles. So many lives to live. All of them real. If you’re bored of your life or unhappy or discontent, move! Go somewhere else! You have friends where you live: make new friends! You have family where you live: make new family! It’s not like your old friends and family will cease to exist. Go new places. Do new things, and find something that’s right for you. If life hands you lemons, go somewhere that life grows mangoes. That is, if you like mangoes. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like mangoes…

So, I don’t know how long I’ll be there, if I won’t fall in love with being a teacher where I’m from, fall in love with being a teacher overseas, but to my friends and family, thank you.

To my naysayers, adiós!

My plan right now is to complete my Bachelor’s and apply for a program where the max is about 2 years. I don’t know if I’ll stay in Korea or come back, but I’m excited.

It’s a new adventure, and I never thought I’d get this far. I’ve had so many dreams and aspirations, fleeting and yet still in my mind, but to see this one even begin to come to fruition is mind boggling.

What does this mean for my blog? Well, I might not post as much. Which is terrible I know, because right now I’m struggling. But especially on days that I have school (two days a week for sure) I won’t be available and my blog schedule will be changed. Or not. I haven’t decided yet. I know I had to change stuff around for the other website I write on.

Mondays and Thursdays though for the next two years (RMM and TT) might be moved to Sunday and Friday respectively, which probably means I’ll be moving FF to Saturdays.

Great now I need to think of new segment names.

Anyway. I guess what I’m trying to say, is while I’m piecing together my life, forgive my wonky schedule, and I hope you’ll stick by me.

And thanks for doing so already.


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