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J-Indie Picks 12.8.15

Okay, this is the second time trying this. My computer was jacked up for a second and I had to reboot it.

SO, here we go.

Let’s start off with POT because POT is always fun. This is their latest, “Reversal World” from their first mini album, “MISH MASH,” which will be released on the 23rd of January next year (2016).





Next up is The Oral Cigarettes with “づけよBaby,” with a fucking fantastic song and interesting plot, this is my favorite so far on the list.

This is from their 2nd full length album, “FIXION,” which will be released on January 5th, 2016.






Last but not least is frederic with “Hello Goodbye.” I like the song but the music video is a little confusing. Also…crazy eyes.

This is from their latest album, “OTOTUNE,” which was released on November 25th.





Like this playlist? Stay tuned for more J-Indie Picks!

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