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FAKY’s ‘Afterglow’ Released To The Public

FAKY pre-released a short version of their comeback single, “Afterglow” to their LINE friends on the official app on November 30th.

The music video was officially and openly released this morning, at 3AM central time.

The music video in the short version looked pretty cool. The music video now…is a little creepy.

According to the FAKY newsletter it’s,

“This video is shot from the first person perspective and is exciting with a dramatic twist!”

But…it turns…like I said, creepy. Stalker-fan creepy. And then the ending…was it all a dream or…? I don’t know. Watch it for yourself here:

It’s currently available on LINE and iTunes in Japan, but nothing in the US as of yet.

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Source: avexnetwork YouTube

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