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BoA Is Perfect Yet Again In ‘Kiss My Lips’ For Japanese Comeback

I think the title sums up my thoughts on this pretty well.

BoA has released her second music video for her Japanese comeback, “Lookbook,” which contains the title single, Japanese version of “Kiss My Lips” from her 8th Korean studio album of the same name, and a track titled, “Merry Kuri (Happy 15th Anniversary).”

She has already released the first music video for “Lookbook,” which you can find here.

I expected subtle differences, like in a lot of K-Pop to J-Pop music videos. However, all she did was re-film it while singing in Japanese.

This doesn’t, however, make the music video any less GLORIOUS!~

Watch the music video here:

The single will be released on December 16th!

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Source: avexnetwork YouTube

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