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CL: Baddest or Bad?

CL recently dropped her second solo music video for her American debut, “Hello Bi+ches.”

While many of my friends are impressed with the song and say it slays, my friend Leigh and her other friends who are more into trap than say, myself, seem to think less of it.

What do I think? Well, let’s take a look:


None of this surprised me. Not the twerking, not the so-so beat, not the revealing clothes. The Korean did. I figured she’d perform the song in English, but hey, awesome.

The song is just sort of…meh. There’s no oomph, nothing that makes me wanna smash the replay button. It doesn’t suck but it’s not the best I’ve heard of her.

Except that breakdown. That breakdown is lyfe.

I’m still hoping for better from her when her album finally DOES get released.

Like the song? Download it on her official SoundCloud!

Like CL?









Source: 2NE1 YouTube

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