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Throwback Thursday: Naomi

I’m just going to take a quick break from my mini segment on TT to bring you Naomi. I was going through YouTube this morning when I found this video.

Naomi’s “Storm” is amazing and fantastical! She can’t dance, but boy can that girl sing. This is from her album, “Naomi’s Storming,” released back in 2010.

You know what’s sad? I searched for this singer in Korean and found diddly squat. Luckily, there was ONE site that gave me a hit on a bio.

is a Korean R&B singer, who debuted in 2007. She’s trained for 7 years, singing various genres such as R&B, Jazz and Soul. She also won several singing contests.

She has released at least four albums from what I can find, her latest release being a single in 2012, “The Red.”

Watch her music video for “Storm” here:


Like Naomi? Buy her stuff on iTunes! (here and here)

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