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Random Music Monday: ACE

ACE is a girl group from Worthy Entertainment who debuted on September 11th of this year.

The group consists of members Jinah (red hair), YouJin (brown hair), Darum (blonde hair), and SeolA (purple hair). They debuted with their single, “Fallen.”

I’m not even gonna lie, part of the reason they’re here is because I heard, ‘shiny boy’ and my first thought was SHINee.


The group has good vocals and have potential, so I hope they can bring it with their next single and venture away from focusing on ‘sexy’ and hit us with something super.

This song is great, but we all know it’ll get lost in the wave of rookies trying to make it before the year runs out.

PS my favorite member is Jinah!

Watch the music video here:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes!

Like ACE?




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