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Chii of 4TE Goes Solo With ‘Why Do I?’

Chii of 4TE has recently released her solo single, “Why Do I?.”

This single is her own original single with 4TE producer, PromWolf.


The two collaborated together to write this song in English. It takes
influence from French music artist Justice, as well as some elements from vapor wave group, Especia.

The song itself is an upbeat tune that reflects on the daily struggles of life and the expression of those frustrated feelings. Her video is inspired by 90’s/80’s tv and graphics with the goal of having a “vapor wave” aesthetic.

This solo song reminds me of the indie music I’d listen to back in college before I discovered K-Pop. Ah, memories. Specifically (though not necessarily indie), her style in this song reminds me of Marina from Marina and The Diamonds.

Check it out for yourself below:


Like the song? Buy it on iTunes! It was released on November 4th!

Like Chii?





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