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Worldwide Wednesday: 3LW

Yet another song from my childhood. 3LW were a three member group that consisted of  Adrienne Bailon (OMG I KNEW IT!), Kiely Williams, and Naturi Naughton. Another girl, Jessica Benson later replaced Naughton after she left the group in 2002.

Formed in 1999, their debut single, “No More (Baby Imma Do Right)” wasn’t released until the fall of 2000.

In response to the 9/11 attacks, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, 3LW and a slew of other artists came together to record the song, “What More Can I Give.”

Later that year 3LW collaborated with Lil Romeo and Nick Cannon for the track, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” for the soundtrack of “Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.” Which was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

In 2002 the girls released their second album, “A Girl Can Mack,” and that’s when Naughton left the group and was later replaced with Benson replacing her after “Neva Get Enuf” and joined the group a little after their third album “Naughty or Nice” and switching from Epic Records to So So Def.

They had plans to release an album, “Point of No Return,” but because of Adrienne and Kylie’s involvement in Disney‘s “Cheetah Girls” (another childhood favorite) franchise, the album was pushed back to 2007, but was subsequently never released.

In 2008, 3LW officially disbanded and Williams and Bailon pursued the Cheetah Girls franchise head on.

However, in December of 2008 Cheetah Girls also disbanded and the girls went off and did their own solo activites.

Bailon has reconciled with past members Naughton and Benson while the girls have been pursuing solo careers.

“No More (Baby Imma Do Right)” was one of my favorite songs as a kid. I don’t remember much else about the group, which is, why above, you can see my excitement.

I was watching the music video above a week or so ago, and I thought that was the same Adrienne, but I wasn’t sure. Suspicions confirmed.

Enjoy the video below:


Like 3LW? Find their stuff on iTunes!

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